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What can we expect on the first 3 hours lessons?  Let’s see all the procedure step after step. Our new kite club member, Carmen, is having her first contact with the kite.   After a kite control explanation on the beach, she starts steering a 3 mts kite trainer

Carmen training small kite mallorca.ready big kite carmen kiteschule alcudia

She is performing well.  The kite bar and the kite, both oriented in the same plane and passing the kite from one to the other side of the wind window in total control.

We prepare the next kite, a bigger size and more advanced model.  She attach herself to the kite harness and get on the wáter with the 6 meters new 4 lines kite.

Gaining progresively control of the kite and understanding the correct movements with the kite bar

5 Carmen kitekurs palma de Mallorca lernen mit deutsche kitemallorca c.b.6 come, look! can I try bodydrag kitesurfen mallorca

Carmen controls efficiently the 4 lines kite.  Towards left and right, keeping the kite bar always parallel to the kite position.

She pulls the kite bar down, gently, with both hands, then, a little bit backards only with her left hand, the kite starts moving towards the left side of the wind window, and as the kite is passing in front of her, she push the kite bar forward with both hands, smoothly, to repeat the same movements, this time, on the other side of the wind window.

Am I doing right?  What’s coming next?

7 kitesurfing lessons mallorca Carmen kite course Pollensa Bay.8 bodydrag kitesurfen schule mallorca there goes Carmen

Move backwards, let’s try the next exercise.  Let’s go back until we are standing in deeper water, keep walking backwards, the deeper you can.

Now it is the moment to show that you remember all I told you about the kite bar procedure and do the same movements you were doing while you were standing in shallower water but … bodydragging.

If you do well, you will feel as the kite is dragging you forward, if you do wrongly, you will see, you are not able to find enough power on the kite to get dragged forward. C’mon! Let’s try!

9 Carmen bodidrgagging kitesurfen kitekurse palma und pollensa.10 Carmen kitesurfen mallorca did I do well my bodidrag

Now you must try to move the kite in both directions, sending the kite at the same distance towards each side.

Keep your body extended, straighten your legs, your chest always downwards, and avoid to get too close to the beach, stop bodydragging now, walk backbards to deeper water and start all over again.

You are doing quite well!  Congratulations!   Tomorrow we’ll train with a bigger kite and we’ll learn to start positioning on the kite board for your first waterstarts.