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Mallorca kite course first waterstarts


Mallorca kite course first waterstarts

With the inevitable succession of successes, failures and new successes, during the progression  in our kitesurfing course, we are approaching us to the ultimate goal, get up and stand on the kite board for the first time.

That feeling and the first meters riding it is something that hardly is going to be forgotten in our lives. These photos are of Marcel, a German guy which, in his third day of kite lessons, got up in the kite board.

The following pictures show the success and failures along that process, just watch at his potos, put yourself on his place and try to imagine what is happening.

To those who already overcomed waterstart process, it will bring them memories.    How were these moments and how far they seem now when you are already kitesurfing.

And for those who have not yet tried kitesurfing, it should help them to understand that they should stop hesitating about and they should start learning as quickly as possible. It is a very nice feeling when you see that you are glidding over the water, letting the shore behind and finally you are kitesurfing.

Mallorca kite course first waterstarts

First board positioning and waterstart



First time board starting and start riding



the thrill of the first meters boardriding



Now you are kitesurfing far away, will you be able to come back?


you are finally riding towards both directions.


21-sinking-to-stop-kitesurfschule-mallorca-palma. 22-starting-the-ride-to-the-left-again-kiteschule-mallorca

 Mallorca kite course first waterstarts