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Marta – a new kitesurfing club member in Mallorca


AAA Navegar – kitesurfing club in Mallorca

Every 8th of June, since 2009 it is celebrated the World Oceans Day, what a great chance to celebrate kitesurfing too …
Mallorca is an island, water all around it, beautiful clear blue water …

Let’s see more about the oceans. Oceans and seas generate most of the oxygen we breathe thanks to the great photosynthetic activity of phytoplankton, also oceans absorbs a large amount of carbon emissions, which is helping its acidification. The oceans offer us food and nutrients and also regulates the climate.

Oceans cover approximately 71% of the earth’s surface, which amounts to an area of ​​361,000,000 km².
Oceans have an average depth of 3,900 meters. The deepest point lies in the Marianas Trench. It reaches 11,034 meters deep in a place known as the Challenger abyss.

hey! … I’ve got a question: How much water is in the sea?
It seems impossible to calculate how much water is in the seas and oceans, but some scientists have estimated that the oceans has 1.370 trillion liters.

Of all the water we have on the planet, 97% of it, it is salty and it is found in seas and oceans. The sea currents, waves, tides, etc, keep the seas in continuous movement, this serves to oxygenate, transport food or distribute the energy that oceans store. Although we often talk about different oceans and seas, they are really all connected and united.

What else to say about oceans? … oceans are economically important for countries that rely on fishing and other marine resources for their income, also for tourism, countries such as Spain

World Oceans day motto is: “our seas and oceans are our future.”
On this post entry we are going to add one more important fact: oceans and seas are the perfect background for … kitesurfing!

And now … after so much talking about water, let’s talk a bit about our thing: kitesurfing.

Lately we have had a new member arriving to our kiteclub Asociacion Aprende a Navegar.


This is what is about – take profit of so much water around us and learn kitesurfing

I am refering to Marta. A lovely sevillan young lady which spends summer time here in Mallorca.


The next kitesurfing  photos shows our dear friend Marta on her firsts waterstarts.


I must admit that Marta is a very sportive and skilled girl and it has take her really little effort to learn kitesurfing.

This few lines be an homage to Marta and let’s hope to have many more new members this summer which, besides enhance and enlarge our kite group also embellish the kite scene, undoubtedly …

Marta – a new kitesurfing club member in Mallorca

Winds in Spain – kitesurfing blog Mallorca


kitesurfing blog Mallorca -winds in our country

Air weighs … and so does atmospheric pressure. A cubic meter, by instance, an space of 1mx1mx1m of dry air at 20ºC and at sea level weighs 1.205 kilograms.
Fortunately we are accustomed to bear over our shoulders a weight of 20,000 kg, without any harm because of it, and, this happens because of the pressure exerted by the column of air of 300 km of height on top of us.  We don’t notice this because we do not only receive this air pressure from above, but from below and even from within, getting it all balanced in that way.

Cold air weighs more than warm air and moist air more than dry air. This greater weight translates into higher atmospheric pressure, which is physically defined as the weight exerted by that column of air per unit area.

It is a magnitude that helps us to understand the movements of masses of air in a much more graphical way than for example temperature or humidity.

I propose a pair of mental associations that will help us understand the maps of time. An High Pressure Area is a kind of “inverted spring”.


Thus in the High Pressure Areas we have a column of air that weighs quite a bit and slowly expels part of that air at its base, while a Low Pressure Area more closely resembles an “inverted sink”, this low pressure center absorbs the air to make it rise as a sort of chimney.  All that implies descent of air equals tranquility, whereas all the air ascent favors bad weather.

Thus among the various layers of the atmosphere there are important air movements that conditions the weather.


The differences in pressure

Air flows from the High to the Low Pressure Areas. The more pressure difference, the more flow we will have, and therefore, stronger wind. The high pressures are difficult to move and often only leave narrow corridors so that these storms can circulate.

If the wind finds no physical obstacle on its path, for example when it travels over the ocean, simply, will have to overcome the obstacles of pressure, bordering the high pressure areas.

The Galician coasts and the Cantabrian coasts are often a good example of such winds effect, but when the wind arrives on land it is with obstacles, that makes it go up or channel between mountain ranges, as an example of it on the valley of Ebro river.



Here is a chart of maximum wind gusts recorded in Spain, record by communities according to a series of data extracted from AEMET (some series span from 1938 to 2016).

In addition, our latitude is affected by the Azores High Pressure Area. The northeast winds (trades) practically define the weather and the winds affecting the Canary Islands. Wind that it channels between this islands.

The High Pressure Area which has its center on the Azores islands, also favors the rising wind which is frequently channeled in the Sea of Alborán, and also having a closed and not excesively deep sea, as the Mediterranean Sea, this definitely has a great influence on the Balearic Islands and the whole Mediterranean basin.



It is expectable for any cloud front to end up generating a Low Pressure Area near the Gulf of Leon, which propels particularly intense northern winds to the north-east of Girona.
There is much more to talk about all this topic but the post is already long enough.

Unfortunately most of the data belong to capitals or airports and some strategic spots such as the Ampurdà or the peaks of the most notorious mountain systems are not displayed.

It is also interesting to take a look at the chart on the wind map on the first photo of this blog entry to confirm that the higher wind areas in Spain are in the northeastern coast of Galicia, the region of Ampurdà in Girona province coasts, in the Sea of Alborán, in the Strait of Gibraltar and on the islands, especially in the Canary Islands.


Winds in Spain – kitesurfing blog Mallorca

Kitesurfing spots LANZAROTE – FAMARA


This is just a shor kitesurfing report to remind about this magic island which is Lanzarote, the first if starting from the East of all Canary islands. I had the pleasure to live there for 4 years back in 1984. At the time, kitesurfing didn’t exist yet but windsurfing.

1 aa medio risco mirando hacia la caleta


There were several wind spots on the island being the most famous Las Cucharas in Costa Teguise on the central East part of the island and Los Pocillos-Playa del Carmen on the same East coast but on the southern part.
There were other spots, of course, by instance Playa Blanca but this spot was used only when winds blew from SW -the sort of “Kona winds” version Canary islands.



Also in the NE part of the island it was Los Jameos but this was a high risk spot because there was no beach but a rock lava formation where it break waves from the left and where the spot had to be shared with surfers.

2 el risco nublo kitesurfen mallorca


But this short report is to talk about Famara, on the NW part of the island and which once kitesurfing showed up on the beaches of the island has taken the Famara beach for one of the best kite spots of Europe.

3 desde la playa Famara kitesurfing blog auf Mallorca


During my stay on the island I was never very keen of Famara in fact and it was because its big waves which if propulsed by a windsurf sail, you had not really much chances to succeed when crossing the shorebreak.

3a dunas desde la playa kitesurfing lessons mallorca kiteschool edmkpollensa


Famara it is oriented to North winds and NE winds which is what mostly blows in Lanzarote during winter months, from October until March this wind directions made the beach not a good option neither for kitesurfing nor windsurfing, being from March until end of September when the tradewinds turn to North the real kitesurfing season of Famara.

4 la graciosa desde el risco parte norte kiteblog mallorca kite spot mallorca edmkpollensa com


To describe it basically, that not in detail, the spot, Famara has three parts, starting from its west part -left- to the east part -right- if looking straight to the sea.

4a las bajas, olas rompiendo desde lo alto del risco blog kitemallorca com kiteschule


The first part is where the village is placed, know as La caleta and further left there is the famous surf spot of La Santa, though in La Caleta there are also great breaking waves, though the locals, some of them canarians and some of them vascos, are not on the friendly side of the sport.

5 fuerza de las olas en La Santa kitesurfen mallorca blog edmkpollensa ecole de kitesurf


Towards the center of the beach it is a wreckage of a sunken ship and there is where the waves break wildier, actually mostly big tube sort of waves which close fast and hard giving not much chance to go down the wave, you can call that “cerrojos” in spanish language. This is also the part of the beach which is considered to be used for swimmers and sun bathers, though, beside the big waves, the current make it not really ideal for bathing.

8 kitespot Famara kitesurfing blog mallorca kitekurse auf Pollensa kitemallorca com


And, further to the right, under El Risco it is where the kitesurfing takes place. It must be noticed that on that part of the beach, during high tide there’s actually not beach at all as the water arrives up until the pebble stones -cantos rodaos- which makes almost impossible launching kites unless you are willing to take real risks.

late surfers mallorca kiteblog en Lanzarote edmkpollensa kite trip kitesurf schule


During mid and low tide the beach allowe launching and landings without more problem than crossing the shore break which is at least quite significant.

The photos which are brought to the report show the beauty of the area.

Kitesurfing spots LANZAROTE – FAMARA


kitesurfing lessons mallorca AAA
kitesurfing Klub Mallorca

alumnos aprender courses kitemallorca


Asociación Aprende a Navegar

To become a kite member of our kiteclub, regardless of your nationality or place of residence, for a yearly fee of 100 euros, which you can renew optionally,  you will acquire the right of having supervised practices and enjoy monitorization, help and advice, plus access to the different clinics and courses that our kite  club promotes periodically.

This payment include the first 3 hours of kitesurfing tuition included in the  membership fee.


kite equipment flysurfer and technique kitemallorca

kiten gruppe edmkpollensa kitesurfen schule verein aprende a navegar kitesurfen Mallorca 2014


If you had previously lessons in your country but feel yet insecure and you don’t wish to pass again through a whole kite course but you want some refreshment hours, you can join the different kite course levels available through KITEMALLORCA




If you decide to bring your own equipment when you travel to Mallorca, with our kiteclub you will enjoy all your free time practicing safely and monitorized.

verein asociacion aprende a navegar / kitemallorca c.b


Palma de mallorca kitesurfenschule auf Mallorca deutsche kitekurse Palma de Mallorca Arenal 2012


On our webpage and on the websites under, you can get further information about the kite club and  school.


Also about technique, kite trips, weather forecast,  news about equipment and info on other world kitesurfing spots

Mallorca kitekurse am Can Pastilla edmkpollensa 2013 kitesurfen dutsch group kiteschool Alcudia

navegando en windsurf y kite en Arenal



ENGLISH Kitesurfing school in Mallorca

Some photos of Claudia, one of our most recent kite students, which, on her third day of kite lessons starts her first waterstarts and rides.

reaching board kitekurse Alcudia Elena.learning kitesurfing Pollensa Bay Es Barcares mallorca

first-waterstart after 5 lessons kitekurs pollensa.first-meters Frank waterstart kitesurfenschule cala ratjada

far kiteride can-pastilla kiteschule elena.safely back beach kitesurfing-lessons mallorca

cala ratjada kitesurfing school Mallorca



Kitemallorca kiteschool

An Airush 18 meters strutless – without ribs- some quite unusual visión among the scores of tube kites on the bay, in fact … and there I was … resting,  sitting on the beach after our kite lessons when I see one of this kites with his kiter under it, riding towards Puerto Pollensa beach.


Suddenly, the kiter stops riding and put his kite up, keeping it over his head, 10, 20, 30 seconds pass and he is not following with his navigation, perhaps something is it happening to him?


I profite the chance to see with more interest the kite itself, I am watching the amazing profile and minimum flashover, not many wrinkles, no real flapping noticed on the fabric, the kite stands well up on the air, then, I wonder: How they have done to keep this good profile on a kite without struts?   The most logical answer: giving profile to the central tube so that it will tense cloths from the trailing edge.


By then, I notice that something weird is it happening … I can see that the man, the kiter  is trying to reach the shore, apparently on distress as he is trying to run on the shallow wáter of the bay at that point, when he is about 30 meters from the beach, he stops advancing, lowers the tubekite on its shore side and,  ignoring the small size of the beach on that part of the bay and the evident danger of the kite getting out of control,  considering  that … there’s nobody on the beach and therefore nobody will grab the kite when it is down and  will secure it on the beach … our unknown kiter suddenly pulls his quick release.


The Olympics were over just the day before.  My sixth sense tells me: total disaster it is on its way, as if that thing falls on the road, barely 5 meters from the beach it could be catch by a car or bus and this could be a real tragedy.     I was already standing up because I was taking some photos of the kite  with  my camera which as always  was hanging from my neck. I  understood that something should  be done at once. And … there I was, trying to run the 100 mts -about 80, to be precise- as fast as possible.


I started running the faster I could, speeding towards the already fallen kite on the beach, which was momentarily laying on its right side and apparently ready to relaunch again and keep its trip towards the road next. By that time that  after I  covered the 80 meters that were separating me from the kite,  it had rolled merrily,  crossed the rope that separes the 4 mts broad beach from the 4 mts that the authorities of the S’Albufereta Nature park consider protected area of dune rehabilitation and had failed to hit the road the road just by a miracle.


The kite, which was gigantic by the way had laid sideways but upside down, supported agains the few dry branches, pointy branchs type  which are scattered inside the dune protected area, and, part of it leaning against the wood that delimits the “do not cross” from the road. I jumped across over the rope and  grabbed the kite for the best place possible and with much effort, carefully, I lifted up the kite, and I started to back off slowly while almost unsuccessfully try to gather some air back into my lungs, empty after the run while I slowly  deposited the kite in the sand. I checked the man, who by then had reached the beach and was laying on his back with an absolute exhausted look.  He saw me by the first time and slowly  sats on the beach breathing as poorly as myself for what it seemed.


He was a French guy on his sixties, a huge French, almost two meter tall and no less than 130 kilos, with a voluminous belly. What happened, for what he told me it was that his waist harness had rised up from his waist and cut his breath. So before to lose consciousness and die without being able to breathe anymore in what was a total severe respiratory distress and lack of air, he desperately approached as much as he could manage towards  the beach and pulled the quick release because he felt he was about to die.


The guy was recomposing himself, he deflated the kite, roll it under his arm, took his board and his damned harness on his other hand and turned along the shore towards  the  part of the beach, one kilometer back, where he had started his ride.

Some photos about the story


2 el frances ecole de kitesurf a majorque 2016  

3 de pronto se para kitesurfen mallorca  

4 un par de arruguillas kitesurfen mallorca  

5 y alguna mas por el otro lado kitesurfen mallorca

6 y ahi tira de la suelta rapida kitesurfen mallorca

KITEMALLORCA.COM – Ecole de kite to Majorque – Thomas

KITEMALLORCA.COM – Ecole de kite to Majorque – Thomas

Thomas has decided to spend his holidays in the Balearic Islands and in the second part of his journey he has visited Mallorca.

He has applied for membership to our Association Aprende a Navegar and he has taken 2 days of kite surfing lessons.
The wind did not really accompanied him on the last day but Thomas has demonstrated an excellent control over the kite that has led him to achieve an uncommon but early progression.

Already during his second day of practice, I mean in the beginning of his fourth hour of his kitelessons it has started riding on the kiteboard with a Peak kite 12 meters and he has spent four hours on the board sailing in both directions without stopping for a moment.

The wind on this second day has been between 10 and 13 knots. Flysurfer kiteboard 170×50, the XL model

1 kitemallorca.com Thomas kitekurse

2 ecole de kite a majorque Thomas on the board

3 standing and riding mallorca kitesurfing lessons 2016

4 Peak 4 12 mts Thomas kitesurfen mallorca

5 Pollentia Club Resorts kiteschool edmkpollensa.com

6 leçons de kitesurf a majorque Thomas second day of lessons

7 in minimum wind con la Peak 12 mts kitesurfen mallorca

8 Pollentia Club Resort kiteschule edmkpollensa

9 Thomas riding in front of Pollentia hotel kitemallorca.com

10 Pollensa Bay kitesurfschule Thomas kitekurs

11 broad shallow and empty kitespot edmkpollensa kite school

12 all the beach to yourself kite lessons mallorca

13 Thomas kitesurfen mallorca riding XL kiteboard

14 the bunker kite spot mallorca kiteschule edmkpollensa

15 Thomas passing in front of us kitesurfen mallorca 2016

16 speeding towards Pollentia Club escuela de kite Palma de Mallorca

17 lovely ride kitesurf schule flysurfer mallorca

18 Peak 12 mts Thomas ecole de kite a Pollensa Majorque

19 Thomas second day kitesurfing lessons mallorca

20 kitesurfen mallorca Thomas kiteboarding in both directions

21 flysurfer kiteschule mallorca Thomas kiten unterricht

22 second day kite course mallorca Thomas in Mallorca

23 last foto kitesurfen mallorca Thomas in the distance

KITEMALLORCA.COM – Ecole de kite to Majorque – Thomas

The wind window – kitesurfing Mallorca kiteblog

The wind window

The window! Hey! Will you close this window before the door will slam on account of the airstream!
The windooooooow, please, will you open the window? here it is very hot! ..

The window. No, it’s not that window what we are talking about, we are talking about the wind window. The wind window concept is intended to explain the trip from one side, the right, by instance and towards the other side, the opposite, that is, in that case, the left. This trip of the kite from side to side must be handled well and carefully, in order to avoid losing kite control of slamming the kite.

To identify the wind direction, we will look forward to where the wind comes from and with graceful twists of our head, face left and right, we will realize after a moment in one of our ears, we do not notice air, and then, as we turn the head in the opposite direction, it is the other side’s ear on our face where we are not feeling any wind.
Repeating this movement we will see as our nose it is pointing the real direción where the wind comes. Recognized this point and drawing with your finger a line that points in the direction of the arriving wind, crossing another line also drawn with the same finger before crossing the path of the previous line and, extending both arms to the sides of the body, this imaginary line indicates the wind window, as shown on the image under these lines.

1 the wind window kitesurfing lessons mallorca

Once you have made clear to yourself this matter, everything which is in front of us is the power zone, or put it another way, as the kite goes forward on that imaginary circle traced over our heads there will begin our real problems because, at different speeds and in different degrees of drag, we’ll get catapulted forward, most often brutally.

2 the power zone kiteschool mallorca learning kite with edmkpollensa

We should note that if we are expecting to start riding towards the left, we should temporarily park the kite about two to send it to 11 or 10,30, but that even more carefully if possible, since the power we will receive will be far greater.

3 how to steer the kite on the wind window mallorca kitesurfing lessons

If intending to get up on the kiteboard towards the right, then the path of the kite should go from 11 until 2 or 2, 30, I mean the same distance as before but towards the other side of the wind window. And once already underway, it is important to know that if we are fanning the kite 9 and a half to 11, or if you parked, because the wind which is filling the kite it is offering us enough power, the closer to 9, 30 we keep the kite will the more upwind angle we will manage… and obviously the same result on the other side of the wind window, that is between 1 and 2,30.

4 getting upwind Alcudia Palma Pollensa kitesurfschool Mallorca

The wind window – kitesurfing Mallorca kiteblog

Our swedish kite students – Majorca kitesurfing skola

Majorca kitesurfing skola

Few days ago we had the pleasure to count with two new kite club members in Asociación Aprende a Navegar Our friends are originary from Sweden

On their first 3 hours of kite lessons, they received the basics of the necessary technique to be able to start with their first kitesurfing rides

1 swedish guys preparing for waterstart kitesurf a majorque

Our first guy gets positioned on the kiteboard

2 standing in the kiteboard mallorca kitesurfschule

and by sending the kite forward he stands up on the board and starts his riding towards the part of the bay known as Sa Marina

4 first 200 mts kiteboarding Pollentia Club kiteschule

after 10 seconds he is kiteboarding already 200 mts from his starting point

5 first 300 mts kitesurfing mallorca swedish kite student

the next pic shows him 400 mts and kitesurfing away

6 riding in front of Pollentia Club entrance kitesurf school mallorca

on this pic he is already arriving in his kitesurfing ride in front of Pollentia Club entrance

7 riding back to the starting point kitesurf a majorque

on the next pic he is riding back and passing in front of the camera in total control

8 and still riding forward edmkpollensa kiteschool mallorca

and now he follows his kitesurfing towards Puerto Pollensa

9 now it is time for the young man kitesurfing mallorca

On the next 4 photos, we can see his son also succeeding on his first kitesurfing ride in Mallorca

10 kitesurfing lessons mallorca riding towards Sa Marina swedish friend

front leg stretched, pressure on his back leg

11 Peak flysurfer 9 mts kitesurfing mallorca swedish guy

now already kitesurfing 400 mts far and gaining speed

12 Pollentia Club edmkpollensa kitesurf school mallorca

and on this last pic he ia also riding in front of Pollentia Club Resort

Check on http://www.facebook.com/edmkpollensa/ for the videos of our kite friends

Congratulations to the both of you, guys, and … the best luck in your future kitesurfing sessions!

Our swedish kite students – Majorca kitesurfing skola

Oualidia – Unknown kitespot Morocco – Kitemallorca blog

Oualidia – Unknown kitespot Morocco

This short blog post it is dedicated to Oualidia a little known kite spot internationally but also locally

1 mapa 1 kiteblog mallorca kiteschule

2 Oualidia mapa 2 Oualidia Lagoon kitesurfen mallorca

5 12 am Mallorca kitesurfen blog Oualidia

My visit to the place took place in 2010, in April. The reason was that, taking advantage of my trip to visit a friend in Casablanca, we went down to Essaouira with the intention to kitesurf on this well known windsurfing spot,  but we ended up not liking it for a couple of reasons, because there was an absolute brutal amount of wind, 35 to 40 knots … and because the side effects of having chosen wrongly when we decided to enter a bar offering “spanish tapas” on a board in front of the bar.

Anyway, we got “so unwell” after being three days in bed, so weak that we could barely move -except for running to the toilette- that, once recovered and as the wind did not go down in Essaouira, then, we decided to return to Casablanca, and so, halfway of it, we discovered Oualidia.


3 oualidia from the air kiteblog kitemallorca.com

Oualidia is a kind of lagoon that is created through an inlet of the sea, which, by the way I mus say that all along its coast, Morocco has mostly rough seas in which the waves on the shore makes kitesurfing navigation rather difficult, for not describing it as impossible, therefore, as in Oualidia, the problem was just at the entrance of the lagoon, once inside we had two types of kitesurfing navigation possibilities


4 kitesurf en Palma de Mallorca blog mareabaja

The first of them was sailing so that either we sailed upwind or downwing surrounding the lagoon, since the center of it was as a kind of sand island, sometimes covered by the water, some times in some parts of it just wet sand at low to mid tide, in high tide the “island” sand bank, in fact, was covered by water to an approximate depth of 20 to 30 centimeters which produced just some small chop when you rided over the sand bank,  in fact was not a major problem if you were always careful not to stick the fins of the board.


7 a la derecha kiteblog edmkpollensa.com

8 a la izquda beach and lagoon edmkpollensa.com

9 la entrada al lagoon edmkpollensa.com

Being the second possibility of navigation to do it right in front of the entrance of the lagoon where, it was rather flat water with some half meter perfect waves rolling in towards the sand bank, but you should prevent not to ride over any of surfers which in a happy crowd were almost all the day enjoying their surfing.


12 la entrada kite trip mallorca kitesurfen schule

13 palma kite blog kitesurf school Palma mallorca

14 surfers blog kitesurfing lessons mallorca edmkpollensa.com

My kite was an 8 meters Fluid ultra flat, and occasionally use the 12th Slingshot of my colleague. The kiteboard a 135×46 Crazy Fly.


10 blasting at full kitesurfen mallorca kiteblog

10a dos kiters kite trip mallorca kiteschule

15 atardecer kitemallorca.com lernen kitesurfen mallorca

The truth is that they were three intense days and after the failure of Essaouira. We quite enjoyed it.
For those who want to try new things, do not go “only” to Dahkla and especially if you are not afraid to travel to Muslim countries, Oualidia is a good option.



16 cae el sol kitekurse auf mallorca edmkpollensa.com

Oualidia – Unknown kitespot Morocco – Kitemallorca blog