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Learn kitesurfing in Mallorca with the best

Is it possible to learn kitesurfing in 2 or 3 days?

Here it is an interesting question. Which would be the right answer?
Ok. Too much wind is equal to disaster.

You will put yourself at risk.  It is easy to damage the equipment and in any case, you will understand nothing because things happen so fast that you will be absolutely overwhelmed.

As important as the right wind force is the right kite spot.
A wavy spot and/or deep water will complicate things very much
it is almost impossible to control the kite when waves are crashing against you, and deep water will provoque you to lose control of the kite as you will have no balance

Equipment … to have the right equipment will simplify things highly
never underestimate the power of a kite, a small kite will not make things easier.

A small kite acts somehow as a whip, it will be very hard to control, also it will move much too fast for you to be able to dosificate the tension on the kite lines.

In the next photos and video we will see our kite club member Ron how position himself on the kiteboard, how waterstarts, how gain distance and how returns to the starting point
Want to learn kitesurfing in Mallorca?

The kite, a 9 mts Peak Flysurfer, a special easy handling 0 risk kiteschool kite
The board a Flysurfer XL 170×50 cms

We are waiting for you in Asociacion Aprende a Navegar
our kite club and www kitemallorca com/ www edmkpollensa com our kite school.

Learn kitesurfing in Mallorca with the best

Happy kitesurfing lessons with Xaver – summer in Mallorca

Happy kitesurfing summer in Mallorca

Summer in Mallorca it is a perfect time to learn kitesurfing. You may ask why? Quite simple. Summer in Mallorca has the perfect combination of elements that, blended adequately, offer the best guarantee to overcome the obstacles and learn to kitesurf.

This summer we had a group of 3 young german guys, ages 14 and 17. We already wrotte an entry to our blog some time ago with the photos and the details of the progressions of how Vincent, the youngest of the three guys, successfully managed to start kitesurfing in both directions on his second day – the fifth hou- of kite lessons.

Our entry today is about the oldest of our 3 guys, his name Xaver. The next collection of photos shows how Xaver progression took place and how he managed to ride, kitesurfing fluently in both directions. The equipment that Xaver used during his lessons and practices was, a flysurfer Peak foil kite of 12 mts of size and an XL door flysurfer kiteboard of 170×50 cms.

In a future entry we will add some more photos of the moment in which Xaver was offered the chance to ride with a high aspect ratio kite foil, the SONIC FR 18 mts of Flysurfer.

1 le ayudan kitesurfen mallorca kite hilfe

2 empieza a mover el kite mallorca kite lessons

3 va controlando Palma de Mallorca aprendiendo kite

4 waterstart se ha quedado solo kitesurfing mallorca

A short video of Xaver first attempts to waterstart and ride on his 5 hour of kite lessons

5 se levanta en la tabla kitesurf en Palma de Mallorca

6 ahora empieza a tomar velocidad kitesurfen mallorca

7 mallorca clases de kite se va alejando

8 ya esta bastante lejos kitesurf en palma de mallorca

a short video of Xaver first kitesurfing rides Peak 12 mts kite foil

9 Can Pastilla kiteschule clases en Pollensa MALLORCA

10 Pasa frente a sus amigos kitesurfen mallorca

11 ahora cambia de direccion ecole de kite a majorque

12 hay poco viento pero continua kitesurfing mallorca

13 recupera la posicion mallorca  kitekurse

14 primer plano pasando kitesurfing lessons in mallorca

15 Peak 12 mts and the german kite student mallorca kite lessons

16 Pollentia Club kitesurfen schule edmkpollensa Peak 12 mts

17 en direccion a Pollensa kitesurfen Mallorca

18 peak 12 mts primer plano kitesurfschule mallorca

19 getting faster kiteschule auf mallorca con edmkpollensa

20 desde detras de la barra kitesurfen mallorca peak 12 mts en verano

This last photo was taken by the kite teacher from behind his kitebar while Xaver was riding on the Peak 12 mts flysurfer down near the beach at the bottom of the photo.

Happy kitesurfing lessons with Xaver – summer in Mallorca