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Marta – a new kitesurfing club member in Mallorca


AAA Navegar – kitesurfing club in Mallorca

Every 8th of June, since 2009 it is celebrated the World Oceans Day, what a great chance to celebrate kitesurfing too …
Mallorca is an island, water all around it, beautiful clear blue water …

Let’s see more about the oceans. Oceans and seas generate most of the oxygen we breathe thanks to the great photosynthetic activity of phytoplankton, also oceans absorbs a large amount of carbon emissions, which is helping its acidification. The oceans offer us food and nutrients and also regulates the climate.

Oceans cover approximately 71% of the earth’s surface, which amounts to an area of ​​361,000,000 km².
Oceans have an average depth of 3,900 meters. The deepest point lies in the Marianas Trench. It reaches 11,034 meters deep in a place known as the Challenger abyss.

hey! … I’ve got a question: How much water is in the sea?
It seems impossible to calculate how much water is in the seas and oceans, but some scientists have estimated that the oceans has 1.370 trillion liters.

Of all the water we have on the planet, 97% of it, it is salty and it is found in seas and oceans. The sea currents, waves, tides, etc, keep the seas in continuous movement, this serves to oxygenate, transport food or distribute the energy that oceans store. Although we often talk about different oceans and seas, they are really all connected and united.

What else to say about oceans? … oceans are economically important for countries that rely on fishing and other marine resources for their income, also for tourism, countries such as Spain

World Oceans day motto is: “our seas and oceans are our future.”
On this post entry we are going to add one more important fact: oceans and seas are the perfect background for … kitesurfing!

And now … after so much talking about water, let’s talk a bit about our thing: kitesurfing.

Lately we have had a new member arriving to our kiteclub Asociacion Aprende a Navegar.


This is what is about – take profit of so much water around us and learn kitesurfing

I am refering to Marta. A lovely sevillan young lady which spends summer time here in Mallorca.


The next kitesurfing  photos shows our dear friend Marta on her firsts waterstarts.


I must admit that Marta is a very sportive and skilled girl and it has take her really little effort to learn kitesurfing.

This few lines be an homage to Marta and let’s hope to have many more new members this summer which, besides enhance and enlarge our kite group also embellish the kite scene, undoubtedly …

Marta – a new kitesurfing club member in Mallorca

Danish couple kitesurfing learning Mallorca

Light wind day kite lessons

Last month we received a young couple from Denmark. They became a kite club members of Asociacion Aprende a Navegar and they took 2 day kite lessons in which the first 3 hours of lessons are included in the membership fee.

sometimes you fall, that’s included in the ticket 🙂

Both of them had a great time, enjoying their kite lessons and performed very well from the early stages of their training and, on the second day of it, the guy started with his first waterstarts.

It should be noticed that there were two really light wind days but thanks to our extra light kite equipment we could have the kite lessons in spite of the poor wind conditions.

Through the following pictures we will see both of them starting the kite lessons, progressing with ease and standing up on the kiteboard.

The equipment used during their -light wind days kite lessons- was a Flysurfer kite, Peak model of 12 mts size and the kiteboad, a Flysurfer XL model.

We are very proud to see how well both performed and took advantage of their kite holidays in Alcudia.
We wish to have them back with us this summer.

Danish couple kitesurfing learning Mallorca

Learn kitesurfing – an option? – kiteblog kitemallorca com

Learn kitesurfing!

Kitesurfin what is that?

Kitesurfin, no, kitesurfing! with ggggggg!

Oh okay, so what?

So, learn kitesurfing!
what for? … how dumb this sounds! … Nonsense!

Nonsense not, it’s really cool …
Look, it’s a sport, it’s a lot of fun, you’re going to exercise, get in shape, actually you’ll fly over the water,
You’ll make a lot of friends, you’ll never feel alone anymore, you’ll have a great time, beleive it!

I am not feeling alone right now though, but, however … that must be expensive, right?

Expensive? no man! … no way! Mmm … well … maybe a little …

How much is a little?

I do not know, a couple of hundred … or three

three? three what?

three hundred euros

three hundred euros? for what?

for lessons …

for lessons? Jesuschrist! this is not cheap …
And … how much cost the equipment?

well, it depends …

What depends on?

On what you want to buy
A new kite cost real money, but … there are also used kites

And … they will not be broken?

Well, sometimes, a little bit … some yes, some not …
That’s why you have to choose well when buying a kite

And you’re sure this is fun?
Some bad part this must have …

Not man, no! … don’t worry!

Well, to be honest … sometimes you have to wait a little for the wind to start blowing …
Other times, when you are kiting, the wind just fades and that is the end of the navigation …

Ah! … and some times when you are pumping the kite … a valve fails, and, fiiissssshhhhh … it deflates
And sometimes you’re riding too fast or you jump and you lose control and … guashhhh!!! … big crash against the water!

Apart from the fact that when wind is light, all kiters start to get downwinded and everybody must try to reach shore because, as people kite with small kites and also small boards, of course … the lack of proper wind create big masifications of kiters crossing ways and annoying each other …

And … oh! yes! … sometimes when you are kitesurfing everybody is crossing each other’s way, provoquing lines to cross, tangle and that is a big mess …
therefore, when people get downwinded and end up sailing inside the buoys which mark the bather’s area … if in that moment pass the Guardia Civil, you may get fined with 3000 euros penalty …

Hey!, you’re starting to convince me, do not stop now …

Do not stop now what do you mean?

I have a friend who is masochist and when I will tell him about that, I’m sure he’ll be veeeeery interested!
It sounds as a real bitchy activity and it seems to me, the perfect ground for real suffering …

Author’s Note:
Come on, relax, that’s all a joke. It is a very cool sport
Considering that, if you live in Mallorca and want to kitesurf in summer, which is when the kiting appeals, do not get wrong!
Better buy a large board, or at least a medium to large one, and, if possible, a Flysurfer kite – better a 15 meters size or even bigger

Learn kitesurfing – an option? – kiteblog kitemallorca com

Kitesurfing and … moving to Mallorca?

If you are a kitesurfer, if you have enjoyed the great kitesurfing conditions of Mallorca island.

If you love to travel to our beautiful island everytime you have the chance to do it.

If you enjoy the friendly atmosphere, the affordable cost of life, the peace and the relaxing life style of Mallorca.

If you ever thought or dreamed about the possibility to buy a property here, you are the reason of this entry to our kiteblog.

Mallorca Properties it is the best webpage when it comes to offer you the multiple possibilities within the best ratio quality/price of properties on Mallorca.

Here some photos to check among the many possibilities that Mallorca Properties offers you.






Visite the webpage and check by yourself:



Kitesurfing and … moving to Mallorca?

Happy kitesurfing lessons with Xaver – summer in Mallorca

Happy kitesurfing summer in Mallorca

Summer in Mallorca it is a perfect time to learn kitesurfing. You may ask why? Quite simple. Summer in Mallorca has the perfect combination of elements that, blended adequately, offer the best guarantee to overcome the obstacles and learn to kitesurf.

This summer we had a group of 3 young german guys, ages 14 and 17. We already wrotte an entry to our blog some time ago with the photos and the details of the progressions of how Vincent, the youngest of the three guys, successfully managed to start kitesurfing in both directions on his second day – the fifth hou- of kite lessons.

Our entry today is about the oldest of our 3 guys, his name Xaver. The next collection of photos shows how Xaver progression took place and how he managed to ride, kitesurfing fluently in both directions. The equipment that Xaver used during his lessons and practices was, a flysurfer Peak foil kite of 12 mts of size and an XL door flysurfer kiteboard of 170×50 cms.

In a future entry we will add some more photos of the moment in which Xaver was offered the chance to ride with a high aspect ratio kite foil, the SONIC FR 18 mts of Flysurfer.

1 le ayudan kitesurfen mallorca kite hilfe

2 empieza a mover el kite mallorca kite lessons

3 va controlando Palma de Mallorca aprendiendo kite

4 waterstart se ha quedado solo kitesurfing mallorca

A short video of Xaver first attempts to waterstart and ride on his 5 hour of kite lessons

5 se levanta en la tabla kitesurf en Palma de Mallorca

6 ahora empieza a tomar velocidad kitesurfen mallorca

7 mallorca clases de kite se va alejando

8 ya esta bastante lejos kitesurf en palma de mallorca

a short video of Xaver first kitesurfing rides Peak 12 mts kite foil

9 Can Pastilla kiteschule clases en Pollensa MALLORCA

10 Pasa frente a sus amigos kitesurfen mallorca

11 ahora cambia de direccion ecole de kite a majorque

12 hay poco viento pero continua kitesurfing mallorca

13 recupera la posicion mallorca  kitekurse

14 primer plano pasando kitesurfing lessons in mallorca

15 Peak 12 mts and the german kite student mallorca kite lessons

16 Pollentia Club kitesurfen schule edmkpollensa Peak 12 mts

17 en direccion a Pollensa kitesurfen Mallorca

18 peak 12 mts primer plano kitesurfschule mallorca

19 getting faster kiteschule auf mallorca con edmkpollensa

20 desde detras de la barra kitesurfen mallorca peak 12 mts en verano

This last photo was taken by the kite teacher from behind his kitebar while Xaver was riding on the Peak 12 mts flysurfer down near the beach at the bottom of the photo.

Happy kitesurfing lessons with Xaver – summer in Mallorca

The wind window – kitesurfing Mallorca kiteblog

The wind window

The window! Hey! Will you close this window before the door will slam on account of the airstream!
The windooooooow, please, will you open the window? here it is very hot! ..

The window. No, it’s not that window what we are talking about, we are talking about the wind window. The wind window concept is intended to explain the trip from one side, the right, by instance and towards the other side, the opposite, that is, in that case, the left. This trip of the kite from side to side must be handled well and carefully, in order to avoid losing kite control of slamming the kite.

To identify the wind direction, we will look forward to where the wind comes from and with graceful twists of our head, face left and right, we will realize after a moment in one of our ears, we do not notice air, and then, as we turn the head in the opposite direction, it is the other side’s ear on our face where we are not feeling any wind.
Repeating this movement we will see as our nose it is pointing the real direción where the wind comes. Recognized this point and drawing with your finger a line that points in the direction of the arriving wind, crossing another line also drawn with the same finger before crossing the path of the previous line and, extending both arms to the sides of the body, this imaginary line indicates the wind window, as shown on the image under these lines.

1 the wind window kitesurfing lessons mallorca

Once you have made clear to yourself this matter, everything which is in front of us is the power zone, or put it another way, as the kite goes forward on that imaginary circle traced over our heads there will begin our real problems because, at different speeds and in different degrees of drag, we’ll get catapulted forward, most often brutally.

2 the power zone kiteschool mallorca learning kite with edmkpollensa

We should note that if we are expecting to start riding towards the left, we should temporarily park the kite about two to send it to 11 or 10,30, but that even more carefully if possible, since the power we will receive will be far greater.

3 how to steer the kite on the wind window mallorca kitesurfing lessons

If intending to get up on the kiteboard towards the right, then the path of the kite should go from 11 until 2 or 2, 30, I mean the same distance as before but towards the other side of the wind window. And once already underway, it is important to know that if we are fanning the kite 9 and a half to 11, or if you parked, because the wind which is filling the kite it is offering us enough power, the closer to 9, 30 we keep the kite will the more upwind angle we will manage… and obviously the same result on the other side of the wind window, that is between 1 and 2,30.

4 getting upwind Alcudia Palma Pollensa kitesurfschool Mallorca

The wind window – kitesurfing Mallorca kiteblog

Oualidia – Unknown kitespot Morocco – Kitemallorca blog

Oualidia – Unknown kitespot Morocco

This short blog post it is dedicated to Oualidia a little known kite spot internationally but also locally

1 mapa 1 kiteblog mallorca kiteschule

2 Oualidia mapa 2 Oualidia Lagoon kitesurfen mallorca

5 12 am Mallorca kitesurfen blog Oualidia

My visit to the place took place in 2010, in April. The reason was that, taking advantage of my trip to visit a friend in Casablanca, we went down to Essaouira with the intention to kitesurf on this well known windsurfing spot,  but we ended up not liking it for a couple of reasons, because there was an absolute brutal amount of wind, 35 to 40 knots … and because the side effects of having chosen wrongly when we decided to enter a bar offering “spanish tapas” on a board in front of the bar.

Anyway, we got “so unwell” after being three days in bed, so weak that we could barely move -except for running to the toilette- that, once recovered and as the wind did not go down in Essaouira, then, we decided to return to Casablanca, and so, halfway of it, we discovered Oualidia.


3 oualidia from the air kiteblog kitemallorca.com

Oualidia is a kind of lagoon that is created through an inlet of the sea, which, by the way I mus say that all along its coast, Morocco has mostly rough seas in which the waves on the shore makes kitesurfing navigation rather difficult, for not describing it as impossible, therefore, as in Oualidia, the problem was just at the entrance of the lagoon, once inside we had two types of kitesurfing navigation possibilities


4 kitesurf en Palma de Mallorca blog mareabaja

The first of them was sailing so that either we sailed upwind or downwing surrounding the lagoon, since the center of it was as a kind of sand island, sometimes covered by the water, some times in some parts of it just wet sand at low to mid tide, in high tide the “island” sand bank, in fact, was covered by water to an approximate depth of 20 to 30 centimeters which produced just some small chop when you rided over the sand bank,  in fact was not a major problem if you were always careful not to stick the fins of the board.


7 a la derecha kiteblog edmkpollensa.com

8 a la izquda beach and lagoon edmkpollensa.com

9 la entrada al lagoon edmkpollensa.com

Being the second possibility of navigation to do it right in front of the entrance of the lagoon where, it was rather flat water with some half meter perfect waves rolling in towards the sand bank, but you should prevent not to ride over any of surfers which in a happy crowd were almost all the day enjoying their surfing.


12 la entrada kite trip mallorca kitesurfen schule

13 palma kite blog kitesurf school Palma mallorca

14 surfers blog kitesurfing lessons mallorca edmkpollensa.com

My kite was an 8 meters Fluid ultra flat, and occasionally use the 12th Slingshot of my colleague. The kiteboard a 135×46 Crazy Fly.


10 blasting at full kitesurfen mallorca kiteblog

10a dos kiters kite trip mallorca kiteschule

15 atardecer kitemallorca.com lernen kitesurfen mallorca

The truth is that they were three intense days and after the failure of Essaouira. We quite enjoyed it.
For those who want to try new things, do not go “only” to Dahkla and especially if you are not afraid to travel to Muslim countries, Oualidia is a good option.



16 cae el sol kitekurse auf mallorca edmkpollensa.com

Oualidia – Unknown kitespot Morocco – Kitemallorca blog

The two beaches/kitesurfing mallorca blog

Alcudia little known beaches

In the Bay of Pollensa, on its eastern side, the one that belongs to Alcudia municipality, there are two little know beaches, that off season could be used for kitesurfing.

Both beaches are small but very beautiful. The beaches are situated before the entrance to Port del Cocodrilo.

The names of this beaches are: Platja Sant Joan and Platja Sant Pere

4 las dos playas Alcudia Mallorca kiteboarding

The first one, it is around 100 mts long and 25 mts broad, White sand and rather shallow. Sant Joan beach it is well oriented to northeast winds and is could be perfectly possible to launch and land a kite and have a kitesurfing session, especially if there are no other beach visitors.

2 Platja Sant Joan edmkpollensa kite lessons 2016

The second beach it is smaller but broader, around 50 meters long and 40 meters broad

3 Platja Sant Pere Alcudia Mallorca kiteboarding

During the summer months the area is very visited and therefore not suitable for kitesurfing, but from October until end of April there are mostly deserted. The next photo it was taken in early April from the left side of the parking lot above the Sant Joan beach.

5 kitesurfing lessons mallorca in playa st Joan Alcudia

And on the last photo we can see the location of the beaches if compared with Es Barcares or Sa Marina, the typical kitesurfing spots in Pollensa Bay

1 toda la zona Pollensa bay titesurfing blog mallorca

The two beaches/kitesurfing mallorca blog


Some basic common sense kite rules before your session

1.– Check the forecast on different webpages, if you have the phone of a kite friend which is living near the area for the expected conditions, check with him.

2.– If after your last session you did all well, you should have the lines of your kitebar untangled, also your wetsuit should be dry from your last session, therefore do all things well after your kite session, this will save you time and troubles on the next one.

3.– It’s important to have some maintenance,  have your fins and footstraps tested with a screwdriver before hitting the water, check also your depower rope, the briddles and pulleys should be regularily checked also and kept in good condition.

4.– Before living home make sure you take with you all what you are going to need, it is a good idea to carry also something to drink and eat and something warm to dress once your session is over.

5.– If you can, better take with you two boards of different sizes, the wind may go up or down.  Also -if you have them- 3 kites, one over and one under the ideal size for the forecasted wind conditions.

6.– Though on our island, Mallorca, it is not a priority, check also the tide tide times and at what point the spot works better. Tide differences here are not so noticeable but if you are kitesurfing in other spots or during your kite holidays, tides could be of capital importance.

7.– If possible, go kiting better with your kite friends. Kiting alone can be a great feeling, when you have the beach all to yourself but kiting with friends is safer.  Your will feel safer to know that if something goes wrong, there’s somebody around that may notice it and could give you a hand, and, in any case, it is good to speak to people before the session and discuss the conditions and chose the right kite size.

8.– If, by instance, your smallest kite is a 8m and everyone else is on a smaller kite you should probably not go out,  if overpowered, this is definitely better than drowning, breaking your gear or have to be forced to abandone it when you are out and far from shore.

9.– And the last advice but perhaps the most important of all, if you are in doubt don’t go out. Even if the conditions are great.  Remember, kitesurfing it is a risk activity, it is up to you to accept just the right amount of risk.

10.-Remember, the lesser risk it is always the better choice.