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Kitesurfing in Mallorca – Summertime

With a size of 3,640 km2, and a coastline of 555 km, Mallorca constitutes a perfect space to receive a typical system of thermal winds during hot season.

In the island of Mallorca, we have a thermal regime of breezes in summer which is created by the following situation: To the west of the Iberian peninsula, over the Atlantic, the surface dominance of the Azores High Pressure Area and the formation of a thermal low over Spain,  together with a general circulation of east component winds in the southwest part of the Mediterranean Sea.

During mid to late spring and throughout the summer season, the earth heated by the influence of sun, causes the convection of superheated air over the surface of the island which in turn gives rise to the aspiration of cooler air from the sea creating what is known as “Embat“.

Thermal winds edmkpollensa com kitesurfing school in Mallorca in June

The embat usually lasts between 6 and 8 hours, corresponding to a smaller duration on the interior of the island, and a longer duration on the coasts.

The intensity of this breezes goes between 3 or 4 knots and until 14 to 16 knots in its highest peak, being generally between 10 and 12 knots its average strength.

The Embat takes place around the island clockwise: NE in the bays of Pollensa and Alcudia, E-SE on the east coast of the island, SW in the south and NW in the West of Mallorca.

Playa de palma, S’Arenal in October after thermal wind season edmkpollensa com kiteschool in Mallorca in October

The sea air, cooler than the overheated air over the island, penetrates inland from different coastal origins depending on its orientation but mainly those of the two large bays of the north and south of the island, reorienting itself in function of the orography.

The sea breeze or Embat usually shows an orientation perpendicular to the coastline, also admitting its relation with some possible effects depending of any zone of high or less likely low pressure area in the greater or lesser proximity of the island, affecting in turn into a greater or lesser extent to the thermal air current, both in intensity and in variation of the angle in which that breeze enters over land.

The Embat in the eastern part of the island is less regular although sometimes the heated land create breezes that blows with greater intensity than the normal intensity, being in that case its predominant direction from the third quadrant -from South- instead of East or Southeast coming breezes, that is, when wind intensity rises. Then, as explained before, this it is due to the breeze which has rolled towards the South.



Kitesurfing spots LANZAROTE – FAMARA


This is just a shor kitesurfing report to remind about this magic island which is Lanzarote, the first if starting from the East of all Canary islands. I had the pleasure to live there for 4 years back in 1984. At the time, kitesurfing didn’t exist yet but windsurfing.

1 aa medio risco mirando hacia la caleta


There were several wind spots on the island being the most famous Las Cucharas in Costa Teguise on the central East part of the island and Los Pocillos-Playa del Carmen on the same East coast but on the southern part.
There were other spots, of course, by instance Playa Blanca but this spot was used only when winds blew from SW -the sort of “Kona winds” version Canary islands.



Also in the NE part of the island it was Los Jameos but this was a high risk spot because there was no beach but a rock lava formation where it break waves from the left and where the spot had to be shared with surfers.

2 el risco nublo kitesurfen mallorca


But this short report is to talk about Famara, on the NW part of the island and which once kitesurfing showed up on the beaches of the island has taken the Famara beach for one of the best kite spots of Europe.

3 desde la playa Famara kitesurfing blog auf Mallorca


During my stay on the island I was never very keen of Famara in fact and it was because its big waves which if propulsed by a windsurf sail, you had not really much chances to succeed when crossing the shorebreak.

3a dunas desde la playa kitesurfing lessons mallorca kiteschool edmkpollensa


Famara it is oriented to North winds and NE winds which is what mostly blows in Lanzarote during winter months, from October until March this wind directions made the beach not a good option neither for kitesurfing nor windsurfing, being from March until end of September when the tradewinds turn to North the real kitesurfing season of Famara.

4 la graciosa desde el risco parte norte kiteblog mallorca kite spot mallorca edmkpollensa com


To describe it basically, that not in detail, the spot, Famara has three parts, starting from its west part -left- to the east part -right- if looking straight to the sea.

4a las bajas, olas rompiendo desde lo alto del risco blog kitemallorca com kiteschule


The first part is where the village is placed, know as La caleta and further left there is the famous surf spot of La Santa, though in La Caleta there are also great breaking waves, though the locals, some of them canarians and some of them vascos, are not on the friendly side of the sport.

5 fuerza de las olas en La Santa kitesurfen mallorca blog edmkpollensa ecole de kitesurf


Towards the center of the beach it is a wreckage of a sunken ship and there is where the waves break wildier, actually mostly big tube sort of waves which close fast and hard giving not much chance to go down the wave, you can call that “cerrojos” in spanish language. This is also the part of the beach which is considered to be used for swimmers and sun bathers, though, beside the big waves, the current make it not really ideal for bathing.

8 kitespot Famara kitesurfing blog mallorca kitekurse auf Pollensa kitemallorca com


And, further to the right, under El Risco it is where the kitesurfing takes place. It must be noticed that on that part of the beach, during high tide there’s actually not beach at all as the water arrives up until the pebble stones -cantos rodaos- which makes almost impossible launching kites unless you are willing to take real risks.

late surfers mallorca kiteblog en Lanzarote edmkpollensa kite trip kitesurf schule


During mid and low tide the beach allowe launching and landings without more problem than crossing the shore break which is at least quite significant.

The photos which are brought to the report show the beauty of the area.

Kitesurfing spots LANZAROTE – FAMARA

Our swedish kite students – Majorca kitesurfing skola

Majorca kitesurfing skola

Few days ago we had the pleasure to count with two new kite club members in Asociación Aprende a Navegar Our friends are originary from Sweden

On their first 3 hours of kite lessons, they received the basics of the necessary technique to be able to start with their first kitesurfing rides

1 swedish guys preparing for waterstart kitesurf a majorque

Our first guy gets positioned on the kiteboard

2 standing in the kiteboard mallorca kitesurfschule

and by sending the kite forward he stands up on the board and starts his riding towards the part of the bay known as Sa Marina

4 first 200 mts kiteboarding Pollentia Club kiteschule

after 10 seconds he is kiteboarding already 200 mts from his starting point

5 first 300 mts kitesurfing mallorca swedish kite student

the next pic shows him 400 mts and kitesurfing away

6 riding in front of Pollentia Club entrance kitesurf school mallorca

on this pic he is already arriving in his kitesurfing ride in front of Pollentia Club entrance

7 riding back to the starting point kitesurf a majorque

on the next pic he is riding back and passing in front of the camera in total control

8 and still riding forward edmkpollensa kiteschool mallorca

and now he follows his kitesurfing towards Puerto Pollensa

9 now it is time for the young man kitesurfing mallorca

On the next 4 photos, we can see his son also succeeding on his first kitesurfing ride in Mallorca

10 kitesurfing lessons mallorca riding towards Sa Marina swedish friend

front leg stretched, pressure on his back leg

11 Peak flysurfer 9 mts kitesurfing mallorca swedish guy

now already kitesurfing 400 mts far and gaining speed

12 Pollentia Club edmkpollensa kitesurf school mallorca

and on this last pic he ia also riding in front of Pollentia Club Resort

Check on http://www.facebook.com/edmkpollensa/ for the videos of our kite friends

Congratulations to the both of you, guys, and … the best luck in your future kitesurfing sessions!

Our swedish kite students – Majorca kitesurfing skola

Oualidia – Unknown kitespot Morocco – Kitemallorca blog

Oualidia – Unknown kitespot Morocco

This short blog post it is dedicated to Oualidia a little known kite spot internationally but also locally

1 mapa 1 kiteblog mallorca kiteschule

2 Oualidia mapa 2 Oualidia Lagoon kitesurfen mallorca

5 12 am Mallorca kitesurfen blog Oualidia

My visit to the place took place in 2010, in April. The reason was that, taking advantage of my trip to visit a friend in Casablanca, we went down to Essaouira with the intention to kitesurf on this well known windsurfing spot,  but we ended up not liking it for a couple of reasons, because there was an absolute brutal amount of wind, 35 to 40 knots … and because the side effects of having chosen wrongly when we decided to enter a bar offering “spanish tapas” on a board in front of the bar.

Anyway, we got “so unwell” after being three days in bed, so weak that we could barely move -except for running to the toilette- that, once recovered and as the wind did not go down in Essaouira, then, we decided to return to Casablanca, and so, halfway of it, we discovered Oualidia.


3 oualidia from the air kiteblog kitemallorca.com

Oualidia is a kind of lagoon that is created through an inlet of the sea, which, by the way I mus say that all along its coast, Morocco has mostly rough seas in which the waves on the shore makes kitesurfing navigation rather difficult, for not describing it as impossible, therefore, as in Oualidia, the problem was just at the entrance of the lagoon, once inside we had two types of kitesurfing navigation possibilities


4 kitesurf en Palma de Mallorca blog mareabaja

The first of them was sailing so that either we sailed upwind or downwing surrounding the lagoon, since the center of it was as a kind of sand island, sometimes covered by the water, some times in some parts of it just wet sand at low to mid tide, in high tide the “island” sand bank, in fact, was covered by water to an approximate depth of 20 to 30 centimeters which produced just some small chop when you rided over the sand bank,  in fact was not a major problem if you were always careful not to stick the fins of the board.


7 a la derecha kiteblog edmkpollensa.com

8 a la izquda beach and lagoon edmkpollensa.com

9 la entrada al lagoon edmkpollensa.com

Being the second possibility of navigation to do it right in front of the entrance of the lagoon where, it was rather flat water with some half meter perfect waves rolling in towards the sand bank, but you should prevent not to ride over any of surfers which in a happy crowd were almost all the day enjoying their surfing.


12 la entrada kite trip mallorca kitesurfen schule

13 palma kite blog kitesurf school Palma mallorca

14 surfers blog kitesurfing lessons mallorca edmkpollensa.com

My kite was an 8 meters Fluid ultra flat, and occasionally use the 12th Slingshot of my colleague. The kiteboard a 135×46 Crazy Fly.


10 blasting at full kitesurfen mallorca kiteblog

10a dos kiters kite trip mallorca kiteschule

15 atardecer kitemallorca.com lernen kitesurfen mallorca

The truth is that they were three intense days and after the failure of Essaouira. We quite enjoyed it.
For those who want to try new things, do not go “only” to Dahkla and especially if you are not afraid to travel to Muslim countries, Oualidia is a good option.



16 cae el sol kitekurse auf mallorca edmkpollensa.com

Oualidia – Unknown kitespot Morocco – Kitemallorca blog