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Waterstart i 8 hovedpunkter – Danish Kite lesson

danish kitesurfing lessons edmkpollensa kitemallorca kiteschool mallorca

Waterstart i 8 enkle hovedpunkter

WATERSTART faktisk er ikke begyndelsen. Før waterstarting vi nødt til at forstå, hvordan man kan at kontrollere en kite. Denne proces for læring tager normalt 3 timer. Når dette er opnået vi er nødt til at positionere os på kiteboard, og … det er de grundlæggende punkter at følge derefter:

1. Tag din kite til 12 timers stilling og holde den der.

2. Hold kiteboard med den anden hånd.

1 positioning on the kiteboard danish kite school Mallorca

3. Sæt kiteboard foran dig så hurtigt som muligt.

2 ready to waterstart Danish kiteschool Mallorca

Noget hjælp, det er altid velkommen

4. Send kite i den modsatte retning gjorde du planlægger at gå.

5. Send kite hurtigt til, hvor du ønsker at gå.

3 first attempt Danish kite school Mallorca

6. Når du føler kontrol, begynder at stå op og pege kiteboard vindretningen

4 standing on the board Danish kiteschool Mallorca

7. Start gør presset på hælen side af kiteboard og … lad os gå!

5 finally riding edmkpollensa Danish kite school Mallorca

Edmkpollensa.com / Kitemallorca.com / Asociacion Aprende a Navegar.es

Waterstart i 8 hovedpunkter – Danish Kite lesson

KITEMALLORCA.COM – Ecole de kite to Majorque – Thomas

KITEMALLORCA.COM – Ecole de kite to Majorque – Thomas

Thomas has decided to spend his holidays in the Balearic Islands and in the second part of his journey he has visited Mallorca.

He has applied for membership to our Association Aprende a Navegar and he has taken 2 days of kite surfing lessons.
The wind did not really accompanied him on the last day but Thomas has demonstrated an excellent control over the kite that has led him to achieve an uncommon but early progression.

Already during his second day of practice, I mean in the beginning of his fourth hour of his kitelessons it has started riding on the kiteboard with a Peak kite 12 meters and he has spent four hours on the board sailing in both directions without stopping for a moment.

The wind on this second day has been between 10 and 13 knots. Flysurfer kiteboard 170×50, the XL model

1 kitemallorca.com Thomas kitekurse

2 ecole de kite a majorque Thomas on the board

3 standing and riding mallorca kitesurfing lessons 2016

4 Peak 4 12 mts Thomas kitesurfen mallorca

5 Pollentia Club Resorts kiteschool edmkpollensa.com

6 leçons de kitesurf a majorque Thomas second day of lessons

7 in minimum wind con la Peak 12 mts kitesurfen mallorca

8 Pollentia Club Resort kiteschule edmkpollensa

9 Thomas riding in front of Pollentia hotel kitemallorca.com

10 Pollensa Bay kitesurfschule Thomas kitekurs

11 broad shallow and empty kitespot edmkpollensa kite school

12 all the beach to yourself kite lessons mallorca

13 Thomas kitesurfen mallorca riding XL kiteboard

14 the bunker kite spot mallorca kiteschule edmkpollensa

15 Thomas passing in front of us kitesurfen mallorca 2016

16 speeding towards Pollentia Club escuela de kite Palma de Mallorca

17 lovely ride kitesurf schule flysurfer mallorca

18 Peak 12 mts Thomas ecole de kite a Pollensa Majorque

19 Thomas second day kitesurfing lessons mallorca

20 kitesurfen mallorca Thomas kiteboarding in both directions

21 flysurfer kiteschule mallorca Thomas kiten unterricht

22 second day kite course mallorca Thomas in Mallorca

23 last foto kitesurfen mallorca Thomas in the distance

KITEMALLORCA.COM – Ecole de kite to Majorque – Thomas


Kite accommodation close to kitesurfen mallorca kiteschool

When you are visiting Mallorca island and you are interested in our kitesurfing lessons and you need lodging.

accommodation in Alcudia kitemallorca-kite lessons

Thanks to KITEMALLORCA you can enjoy a discount of 15 per cent in the price of your accommodation in ROC HOTELS in Port of Alcudia or Playas de Muro.



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The two beaches/kitesurfing mallorca blog

Alcudia little known beaches

In the Bay of Pollensa, on its eastern side, the one that belongs to Alcudia municipality, there are two little know beaches, that off season could be used for kitesurfing.

Both beaches are small but very beautiful. The beaches are situated before the entrance to Port del Cocodrilo.

The names of this beaches are: Platja Sant Joan and Platja Sant Pere

4 las dos playas Alcudia Mallorca kiteboarding

The first one, it is around 100 mts long and 25 mts broad, White sand and rather shallow. Sant Joan beach it is well oriented to northeast winds and is could be perfectly possible to launch and land a kite and have a kitesurfing session, especially if there are no other beach visitors.

2 Platja Sant Joan edmkpollensa kite lessons 2016

The second beach it is smaller but broader, around 50 meters long and 40 meters broad

3 Platja Sant Pere Alcudia Mallorca kiteboarding

During the summer months the area is very visited and therefore not suitable for kitesurfing, but from October until end of April there are mostly deserted. The next photo it was taken in early April from the left side of the parking lot above the Sant Joan beach.

5 kitesurfing lessons mallorca in playa st Joan Alcudia

And on the last photo we can see the location of the beaches if compared with Es Barcares or Sa Marina, the typical kitesurfing spots in Pollensa Bay

1 toda la zona Pollensa bay titesurfing blog mallorca

The two beaches/kitesurfing mallorca blog