Our swedish kite students – Majorca kitesurfing skola

Majorca kitesurfing skola

Few days ago we had the pleasure to count with two new kite club members in AsociaciĆ³n Aprende a Navegar Our friends are originary from Sweden

On their first 3 hours of kite lessons, they received the basics of the necessary technique to be able to start with their first kitesurfing rides

1 swedish guys preparing for waterstart kitesurf a majorque

Our first guy gets positioned on the kiteboard

2 standing in the kiteboard mallorca kitesurfschule

and by sending the kite forward he stands up on the board and starts his riding towards the part of the bay known as Sa Marina

4 first 200 mts kiteboarding Pollentia Club kiteschule

after 10 seconds he is kiteboarding already 200 mts from his starting point

5 first 300 mts kitesurfing mallorca swedish kite student

the next pic shows him 400 mts and kitesurfing away

6 riding in front of Pollentia Club entrance kitesurf school mallorca

on this pic he is already arriving in his kitesurfing ride in front of Pollentia Club entrance

7 riding back to the starting point kitesurf a majorque

on the next pic he is riding back and passing in front of the camera in total control

8 and still riding forward edmkpollensa kiteschool mallorca

and now he follows his kitesurfing towards Puerto Pollensa

9 now it is time for the young man kitesurfing mallorca

On the next 4 photos, we can see his son also succeeding on his first kitesurfing ride in Mallorca

10 kitesurfing lessons mallorca riding towards Sa Marina swedish friend

front leg stretched, pressure on his back leg

11 Peak flysurfer 9 mts kitesurfing mallorca swedish guy

now already kitesurfing 400 mts far and gaining speed

12 Pollentia Club edmkpollensa kitesurf school mallorca

and on this last pic he ia also riding in front of Pollentia Club Resort

Check on http://www.facebook.com/edmkpollensa/ for the videos of our kite friends

Congratulations to the both of you, guys, and … the best luck in your future kitesurfing sessions!

Our swedish kite students – Majorca kitesurfing skola

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