Kiteschool edmkpollensa / Mallorca kitesurfing 2015


Kiteschool edmkpollensa

Now that, yet in winter, we have the uncertainty common of this season in which we have windless days alternating with storms, it is when one remembers the good times and the mild but profitable thermal winds we enjoy in Pollensa Bay on Mallorca island during the kite season, that is from March until end of September.

1 kitesurfing edmkpollensa july 2015

On the photo over this lines we see two of our club members. Josep is helping a new member, Jose, on his first waterstart steps

2 mallorca jose imanes kite waterstart

Once he is positioned on the board, after stretching his legs, Jose send huis kite forward and as he receives the impulse of it, make pressure on his back leg while keeps stretched his front leg

3 kitesurfen mallorca on 12 knts Pollensa bay 2015



First waterstart kitemallorca kiteschool

In few moments Jose is standing on the board and advancing meters easily …

4  gaining speed Flysurfer kiteschule mallorca

He is gaining speed and now he has already covered the first two hundred meters, passing in front of Martin, who was his kite teacher two days ago

5 on his Peak 9 mts kite Mallorca kitekurse Pollensa



Successful first kitesurfing ride in Pollensa

José has covered 400 mts, now, with the confidence that grants to have all in control, he switch direction and starts riding towards where he started his kitesurfing ride

6 turn towards kitesurfing on the left side beach Pollensa

The kite is a Peak Flysurfer 9 mts and the board a model XL 170×50 cms Flysurfer, the perfect tools for starting kiktesurfing and get the best of your kitelessons with kitemallorca kiteschool

7 kite course and lessons Peak flysurfer mallorca 2015



Jose first kite day / kiteboarding school Mallorca

Jose has surpassed where he first started his kite ride, now, heading towards Sa Marina is riding free of obstacles his first kilometer

8 Pollentia Club hotel kitesurfing school 2015

We can see him in the distance in total control and at good speed. It is easy to imagine how thrilled and happy he must feel. The first ride is something that you’ll never forget, evenmore when it is a successful one and in which you are not just able to ride but to comeback to your starting point.

9 learn kiteboarding in Mallorca with us Jose first kite day 2015

For a successful kiktesurfing learning, join Asociacion Aprende a Navegar and Kitemallorca kiteschool. We offer you the best tuition in Mallorca, with the best professional kite monitors and on the best learning conditions.
We are looking forward to see you!


Kiteschool edmkpollensa / Mallorca kitesurfing 2015

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