Danish couple kitesurfing learning Mallorca

Light wind day kite lessons

Last month we received a young couple from Denmark. They became a kite club members of Asociacion Aprende a Navegar and they took 2 day kite lessons in which the first 3 hours of lessons are included in the membership fee.

sometimes you fall, that’s included in the ticket 🙂

Both of them had a great time, enjoying their kite lessons and performed very well from the early stages of their training and, on the second day of it, the guy started with his first waterstarts.

It should be noticed that there were two really light wind days but thanks to our extra light kite equipment we could have the kite lessons in spite of the poor wind conditions.

Through the following pictures we will see both of them starting the kite lessons, progressing with ease and standing up on the kiteboard.

The equipment used during their -light wind days kite lessons- was a Flysurfer kite, Peak model of 12 mts size and the kiteboad, a Flysurfer XL model.

We are very proud to see how well both performed and took advantage of their kite holidays in Alcudia.
We wish to have them back with us this summer.

Danish couple kitesurfing learning Mallorca

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